Saturday, October 15, 2005

Waste not

Yesterday was a use up things so they don't spoil kind of day. Because of my partner's work schedule, I was up and back home by 6:15am. I had the remains of a ten pound bag of potatoes that I'd had for about two weeks. I was worried about them going bad, I had already had to get rid of two of them. So I pulled out 3 of them (fairly small russets) to microwave for dinner. The rest I sliced up and made potato scramble. This will provide 4-5 meals for us. I also sliced up a LOT of apples into my Nesco roaster and started some apple butter. I still have some apples left. I think I'll take a couple on our trip to use as snacks.

I could make an apple crisp but I don't know if we can finish it off before leaving on Tuesday, so I think I'll wait. Ditto on a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread.


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