Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The 21-Day Veggie Detox Diet is here!

If you're still trying to find the best way to eat healthy, lose
weight and gain real health, this is the solution for you!

Veggie nutrition expert Kardena Pauza has just created a new "21-Day
Veggie Detox Diet Plan" that will help you kick-start your weight
loss the safe and healthy way.

Each day outlines what to eat and includes portion size guidelines,
PLUS it also includes her secret daily habits that help detox the
negative energy and stress from her busy 50-hour training schedule
and living in busy rush-rush-rush Southern California.

You'll discover how to start your day off in a positive mind set
and little things you can do at night to calm your flustered mind.

Combined, this nutrition and mental detox program will have you
looking and feeling 10 years younger, and probably 10 pounds lighter
as well.

You'll get the 21-Day Detox as part of the Easy Veggie Meal Plans
System here:

=> Easy Veggie Meal Plans

This detox will help break addictive habits and flush out addictive
chemicals that can be trapped in your cells and causing your body to
have cravings.

I promise this will help you lose weight and overcome stress. I've been using
it for a couple of weeks and have really noticed a difference in my energy.
And yes I've lost weight.

Again, the link for Easy Veggie Detox Diet

PS - Once you complete the 21 Day Detox, continue eating healthy and
small portions throughout the day.

This is where the Easy Veggie Meal Plan program will guide you
through regular day-to-day nutrition.

To your success!