Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tasty Soup

I made soup today with veggie broth, some frozen kale I had steamed, and pearl barley. I love barley. No pictures, I ate it up, it was so good and just hit the spot on this cold day. Made some generic muffins which were very tasty as well.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free workouts

I use a system called Turbulence Training for a lot of my workouts. As an early Christmas present, the guy behind the system has provided a free pdf of 10 minute workouts to do when stressed for time, like now during the holidays. You can get it here and there is no need to buy anything or sign up for anything. It's a 20 page pdf and it's free!


A few updates

Well, in the last two months I have lost 35 pounds. Not quite sure how. I haven't been working out, if anything I'm moving less due to issues with my left knee. I have been eating smaller portions or leaving food on my plate, which I never used to do. A month or so back I was getting nauseated after eating, no matter what I ate. That seems to have gone away, thank goodness.

I made some new recipes last week, but I really didn't like them. No fault of the recipes, just my personal taste.

Today I had hashbrowns with salsa, one of my favorite breakfasts. I put some spanish rice ingredients in the crock pot and have that cooking.

I've been doing some knitting, mostly dishcloths. When I finish the two I have on the needles, I plan on starting a sweater! Probably a bit ambitious for me right now, but I want to try anyway. It's the Central Park Hoodie, which is supposed to be a good first sweater. We'll see.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Quinoa Potato Chowder

I just got the "McDougall Made Irresistible" DVD and I tried making the Quinoa Potato Chowder from it. The recipe for this is also available in the November 2006 newsletter.

It tasted wonderful and even better with some of my fresh made whole wheat bread. I've got several other recipes I'll be trying soon and posting about here.