Saturday, October 01, 2005

Adjusting recipes

I got two recipes from frugalveggiemomma and have tried them both twice now. I made some adjustments the second time and wanted to share them.

The apple crisp, the first time I followed the recipe exactly. I had fairly large chunks of apple. My partner liked it, but it was a bit dry. So the second time, I sliced the apples thinner. I also used margarine instead of olive oil for the topping and added just a tiny bit of brown sugar. Then, when I baked it, I covered it with tinfoil for the first 15 minutes, then uncovered for the last 15.

Both of us like it better. The apples stayed a bit moister and the topping just worked better this way.

Now the potato scramble. Last time I basically used large chunks of potato, almost wedges. This time I sliced them thinner. It came out fine, but we both agreed the larger chunks tasted better. I also need to try making the scramble with red potatoes, which hold together better.

I haven't baked bread since the last one (with the hole in the middle!) because I found wheat bread on sale for 50 cents a loaf.

Tomorrow, I'm trying a Cuban black beans and brown rice dish recipe I found on the Whole Foods Market website.


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