Sunday, October 02, 2005

Goodwill shopping

Yesterday I made my first trip ever to Goodwill. Now, this wasn't my first trip to a thrift store. About two weeks ago, I stopped at a place called Value Village, and picked up two nice winter shirts for myself.

There are several Goodwill stores in the Portland area. This one is huge, a lot of clothes. That wasn't what I came for though. I had a list of some things I wanted to look for. I actually didn't find any of those, but I did find three things at a good price.

I used my George Foreman rotissierie to make 2 of the 3 chickens I got on sale at .58 a pound at Fred Meyers. I'll make the third one today. I strip them and save the meat in marked baggies in the freezer. Serving sized already of course.


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