Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Save-a-lot deals

I went to Save-a-Lot grocery store today. They are small stores, but have a lot of private label foods and great prices. I buy canned sliced potatoes there, bought some red and russet potatoes, and they have the best price on shredded frozen hash browns anywhere.

Today's find though, was ZerGut Russian Style dill pickles. The lid says all natural, no preservatives. I checked it out and it's also no dyes or colors. Yes, if you read labels, you'll find most pickles have dye to make them look pretty. Not these. They are marked as made in Bulgaria. It's a 56 oz jar (it's huge!) for $4.99.

Here's the ingredient list: Pickles, water, salt, sugar, acetic acid (aka vinegar) red pepper, hot pepper, garlic, horse radish, dill, bay leaf, black pepper. And you can see the garlic and peppers still in the jar.

Healthy and low cal and low cost. What else can you ask for?