Friday, September 29, 2006

Food list

Yesterday I went through the shelves, the freezer and refrigerator and wrote down what food we have. Since money has been really tight lately, we haven't been able to restock like we normally would.

So I printed out the food list and made menus for the next week, till we get paid again. I don't know if other people who are trying to be frugal do the same thing (the food list, not the menus). It's rather interesting to see what you have that hasn't been used in a while and what moves quickly.

I'm making bread today, but using up an old box of bread machine bread mix, which I'm making the regular way. I'll do my recipe in a couple of days.



Katie said...

I've definitely done the food list/make a menu from it drill. Its a great way to save a bit of money until the next check.

I have to confess, I'm dying to see that bread recipe. Soft crust from homemade?? My kids will freak out.

Ruthie said...


hey long time no talk :)

I think I definately need to do what you did. Money is FLYING out of here lately! It's scary! I think if I put us on a spending freeze and cooked up all that was in the house we wouldn't have to go to the store for like 3 months.

Phew. :-) Thanks for the idea.