Saturday, September 09, 2006

Frugal Chicken

Fred Meyer had a sale on family packs of split chicken breasts. Now normally, I buy the boneless, skinless chicken breasts. But with the dearth of money lately, I've been looking for a cheaper alternative. So I bought 6 pounds of chicken breast for .99 a pound. I took the breast meat off, got a bunch for grilling later. Also ended up with some breast tenderloin pieces, which I used in a stirfry for dinner last night. And I put all the skin and fat and bones into my big stockpot along with 75 cents worth of veggies and made chicken soup/stock. I'm going to keep looking for these kind of deals and get a lot more food for a lot less money.

I also found the local Franz bakery thrift store. I'll have to stop by there and see what kind of deals they have. There is also a produce store that always shows good prices on their signs outside. I will check that place out also.

I can't wait for apples to get cheap again. They are so expensive right now. I like to give one to my partner for her lunch, but they have been so pricey, she's been getting canned pineapple chunks instead.


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