Sunday, October 01, 2006

Frugal Reading

I got the most recent issue of our library newsletter. Some interesting statistics I wanted to share. I go to the Multnomah County Library here in Portland.

We had the highest circulation per capita of any library in the country, plus the lowest cost per circulation. I guess the library here is frugal too!!

One statistic that really struck me. Multnomah County (Portland OR) has a population of 692.823. Cardholders number 455.296 or 66% of population. That's amazing to me. Circulation last year was 19.589.530 or 28 items per capita. I guess we do read and watch DVDs during our overcast, rainy winter!

I take advantage of the library. I hardly ever buy books anymore and I get virtually all the movies/TV shows/audio courses I use from the library. The ultimate frugal resource!


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