Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finally great bread!

I've been making bread for a while now (although not much during the summer due to heat). Anyway, my loaves haven't been as light as I'd like and the crust was rock hard. I did a little asking around and research online and made some modifications today to my recipe. It worked great. One, I ended up with 2 loaves instead of one. The crust is softer, more like store bread. And it tastes great!

I increased the honey and olive oil, increased the vital wheat gluten a little and increased the Kitchen Aid mixing time up to 8-10 minutes. I also changed the temperature and time spent baking. I'll try this recipe again next time and if it still works, I'll post it here.



Katie said...

I can't wait to see this recipe!

Harmonia said...

I haven't done bread other than the zuchini that was a flop. Congrats on the success!

Anonymous said...

Please do post the recipe when you are able to. I have the same problems you mentioned when making my own bread.