Saturday, November 04, 2006

Payclix a ripoff

I received something from my apartment management company, which is a very large company. It promoted a site called 'Free registration' 'no monthly fees' 'pay your rent online'. So I went to look at it.

Yes, registration is free. If, however you want to make a payment online, you pay. To save the apartment management company time and processing costs (by sending in a paper check), for that privelege you get to pay this payclix place either $4.95 for a direct debit from your checking account (ACH) or you can use Visa/Mastercard credit card, or Visa (and only Visa) debit card for a fee of $19.90. Each month. What a ripoff. They want you to pay for saving your landlord money.

Mind you, this won't work for us. Even if we were stupid enough to do it. We have a Mastercard debit card, which they don't take.

I sincerely hope no one is dumb enough to do this. Personally, I take the check down in person and get a date stamped receipt.



mmph said...
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mmph said...

Barbara, I'm sorry you had a bad impression of PayClix. We are in business of providing a service for tenants and property managers alike. We offer a safe and secure way for busy people to pay their rent whenever and wherever they are. We're available 24/7, a convenience that many people consider reasonable at the cost of approx. $2.49 -2.99 for e-checks, much cheaper than paying late fees. Many of our customers are parents of students who live far away from their families. Many of our customers travel for business. Many of our customers find the office hours of their property manager’s schedules just don't mesh well with their lifestyle. We don't charge a sign up fee or a monthly fee to tenants. We simply charge for the service whenever you chose to use it. This service is for people with busy lifestyles who think a small charge for a safe and secure service is well worth their time saved. If you should ever need our service, please feel free to try it again. By the way, we don't accept Visa cards, but we do accept MasterCard and Discover Card.