Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A fixed oven!

Ever since we moved into this apartment, (1.5 years ago), we've had a problem with the oven. It's gotten worse as time has passed. We have an oven thermometer inside and to get the right temperature, we would have to make adjustments. For instance, to get a temp of 400, I'd have to set the dial at about 360. It made baking things quite an adventure.

Monday we had some problems with the lights in the kitchen, so I called the apartment manager about that and about the oven. The guy came today, fixed the light problem and fixed the oven. The sensor rod thing wasn't attached in the right place. So now it works.

Baking should be a lot less interesting now. I like it!


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Anonymous said...

glad your oven was fixed! i like your blog. i will be reading some past posts!