Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Potato corn Chowder

I finally got around to making Table for Two's Potato Corn Chowder yesterday. It came out great! When I eat it, I add just a little bit of salt. The veggies are all cooked, yet still firm. I love that it turns out so creamy. I use very little soymilk to the blended potatoes.

Here's a closeup picture of all the loveliness! :) No celery though, I don't have any.



Ruthie said...


You know I just redug up my table for two book? I didn't realize what a wealth of info it had for busy people who wanna cook healthy vegan food! :) It's even helped me rethink my pantry a little!

P.S. I think it's super cool that you're very vegan friendly even though you're not a vegetarian. Most omni's I know are totally freaked out by the "deprivation" vegans must feel, but you embrace the variety! Peace out, sister.

See-A-Penny said...

Looks delicious! I also have that book and this is one of my standard recipes too....