Thursday, April 06, 2006


Did some shopping today. Stopped by a place called the People's Coop, which is really close to my house. It's a bit pricey, but they have all kinds of neat stuff.

They have just about everything in bulk. Cleaners, brown rice vinegar, agave nectar, all kinds of things. I picked up some slightly chunkier (although still smallish pieces) of TVP there. My partner really likes Russell's TVP sausage recipe and asked me to make more. So I made that tonight.

I bought some dish soap, forgot the brand, I'll write it down later. I"m planning to dilute a bit. I should have bought some powder dishwasher detergent, I'll get that later. I still have to find glycerin though, for making laundry detergent. What we have will last quite a while, still.

I have some Revere ware copper bottom pots. I read that baking soda will clean the tarnish off. Didn't work. I have 'Bar Keeper's Friend', that does work. Not sure if there is anything I need to add to the baking soda to make it work.

Just a lot of random stuff today! Tomorrow, steamed veggies! :)


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Katie said...

Russell's tvp has made multiple appearances by popular demand at our house as well. Isn't it funny how somehting so simple can be such a hit?