Saturday, March 25, 2006

Quinoa Muffin picture

I decided to post a picture of the Golden Quinoa muffins I made. They taste great. This picture is of one whole muffin and one split in half.

Today I'm making pizza sauce and trying Russell's TVP sausage for the top of the pizza.


Mrs.K said...

Hey Portland, I used to be employed by Robert B. Pamplin, Jr., do you know of him? Just curious, as he is or used to be a Forbe's 500 Company member.

Harmonia said...

I've been getting into Quinoa as well. I recently bought Red Quinoa...a first for me!


david_SF said...

hi, i found your blog when i was searching on "quinoa muffins". any chance you can send or post the recipe you use? i'm curious to try what you've created!

david in san francisco.

Barbara said...


I have no way to contact you, but the recipe is here: