Friday, March 10, 2006

Food experiments

The last two days I've been trying new recipes.

First up was black bean soup. Not sure where I got the recipe from. It's supposed to be spicy, chili-like. It was pretty good, but my partner would have liked more spice and less water. Not sure if I'll make that again.

I made whole wheat muffins with brown sugar on top. They came out great. I also over the last week made 2 cornbreads. First one was a recipe from Bob's Red Mill off their cornmeal package. It was okay, but dry and crumbly. Next I tried a vegan cornbread recipe from Jennifer at veganlunchbox. It was a hit! Tasty and it held together much better.

Off a great recomendation from Katie at frugalveggiemamma, I made seitan from Vegan with a Vengance, which I had recently picked up. It was pretty good. Of course I'd never had seitan before, so hard to tell exactly.

Last night I tried making Breaded Seitan Nuggets, from Jo Stepaniak's book, Table for Two. It came out fine. You need to eat them hot (I used BBQ sauce to dip them in.) I need to make them crispier though. Otherwise, I liked them.



Katie said...

Oh, you'd know if the sietan wasn't good. Did you play with those pink Spaulding balls when you were a kid? That's the consistency of my past attempts at seitan.

I have to give the Seitan Nugget recipe a try.

Ruthie said...


It looks like you're really getting the hang of cooking! I wanted to suggest a absolutely fabulously spicey black bean soup recipe. It contains one "gourmet" ingredient, canned chipotle peppers, and we make it so often we buy the chipotle peppers in bulk! :)

The recipe can be found in The Moosewood Daily Specials and it's called Black Bean Chipotle Soup. If you can't find that book at the library, email me ( and I'll give you the recipe... I have it memorized! LOL

Peace & Unity! Ruthie