Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What gift to ask for?

I need some help. I can ask for one thing for Christmas, whatever I want (within reason). I'd like to get something for the kitchen. Either cookware (a pot or pan) or an appliance.

Now, this year I bought a Nesco 6 qt roaster/slow cooker, and a Waring Pro blender. So I'm set with that.

Can you suggest a favorite skillet? or small appliance? A good quality mixer for instance. (all I have is a cheap handheld one).

And I would want to use it to help make good healthy food. Whole foods, grains, bread, veggies.

I do also have a food processor and a bread machine, but both are put away due to lack of counter space. And I also have 3 large stock pots, so I don't need that either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!


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