Saturday, November 12, 2005

Found a deal

I'm not sure it's exactly frugal but anyway. Yesterday I went to the mall to do some writing. I'm doing National Novel Writing Month for the third time this year. I always park by the Barnes & Noble. I stopped into their music section to see if they had any Christmas music on sale that I might like.

I didn't find anything there, but I also looked at the new age section. I found a John Tesh 'Worship at Red Rocks' cd. 12 songs on it. and it was $16.99. Average price these days for a music CD. Both my partner and myself enjoy praise and worship songs. I kept looking and found a 'Worship at Red Rocks Platinum'. I'm thinking, oh boy, this is going to be expensive. To my surprise, it was priced at only $12.99. It had the same cd as the first one I saw, PLUS a second music cd with 10 more songs, PLUS the DVD of the concert with a few extras on it. I thought this was a great deal. I have a Barnes and Noble ten percent discount card, so for eleven bucks and change I got 2 music cds and a DVD, which we will both enjoy. I play music on my computer at night when we are both at our respective computers.

I'm happy about the purchase.


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~Dawn said...

Thumbs up on that deal!!