Sunday, January 06, 2008

Veganomican, try 1

I've been trying some recipes from Veganomican. It's a great cookbook. I plan on trying a lot of the recipes in it.

I made rosemary focaccia bread. It came out fine, but didn't have much flavor. I much prefer the italian peasant bread I made off a recipe on It was much more flavorful.

I also made jelly donut cupcakes. They tasted great, but the preserves I used didn't sink down and get covered by the batter. My partner didn't like them, said there was too much nutmeg. I took a bunch to work and no one even noticed the nutmeg.

I have already made the chickpea cutlets and I plan on making more this week.

I also have a list of recommended recipes from this book that I've accumulated and will be slowly trying out.



Johanna3 said...

did the cutlets taste good?

Katie said...

I made the chickpea cutlets and they were a huge hit.