Monday, January 07, 2008

Darn cheezy sauce

I keep trying recipes for cheezy sauce to put on noodles, potatoes, veggies, etc. I had high hopes for one I found on 'A Vegan for Dinner' (sorry at work and can't get the link). It was okay but still not right. I think I've made about 4-5 sauces with no luck.

I actually enjoy only one thing, and this is just something I do from a suggestion I read. I make noodles, put in a bunch of Earth Balance, then sprinkle nutritional yeast till all the noodles have some, then some soymilk till the yeast is all mixed and it's slightly creamy. Good for quick noodles, but not what I'm looking for.



Chile said...

Hey Barbara! Have you tried the American cheeze sauce from Jo Stepaniak's Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook? I find that one very easy and satisfying, and I even omit the Earth Balance to keep it McD-friendly.

Barbara said...

I do have that book and I'll give that sauce a try. Thanks!

onewoodenleg 2 said...

I make this type of sauce all of the time. Here is my loose recipe:

1 cup soymilk (I use silk regular)
1/3-1 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes
2 tbsp curry powder
salt (to taste)
1 tsp garlic powder
20 grams cornstarch (arrowroot powder also works)

1) Heat the soymilk on medium in a small pan.
2) Add the oil, yeast, curry, salt, and garlic powder after a couple of minutes and continue to heat.
3) Meanwhile, mix the cornstarch in a small cup with a couple of tbsp of cold water until well blended. Set aside.
4) When mixture almost begins to boil, remove from heat.
5) Quickly stir cornstarch mixture into soymilk mixture with a fork. The sauce will form almost instantly. It should be the consistancy of thick gravy. For a more nacho cheese like sauce, add another 10 grams or so of cornstarch+water.