Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giving up on seitan

I know a lot of people like seitan. I have tried it boiled, baked and now steamed. They all came out fine. I just don't like the taste. I'm giving up on seitan and just using vital wheat gluten in my whole wheat bread dough. I may give tempeh another try, it wasn't my favorite the first time I made it.

I've been eating a lot of potatoes lately, and noodles in veggies stir fry. I want to try Veganomicon's chickpea soup, it's supposed to be quite tasty.



Ruthie said...

thanks for commenting on my blog :-) I always read your blog but dont always comment...

we'll be staying with the 'rents for ... I dont know how long, but they've offered to let me use their backyard for my garden learning pleasure. :-)

You should check out the cheezy sauce from madeinalaska.blogspot.com, far and away my favorite. I recently posted the direct link on my blog.

Ruthie said...

We're also not big seitan eaters. Kinda rubbery stuff. I like the Seitan o Greatness recipe but otherwise it's rather over processed anyway. I'll stick with beans.

Chile said...

Barbara - you've been tagged for a meme. Rules at my place.

PS: it's not raining here. Ha! ;-)