Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend cooking

I was busy this weekend cooking. I'm going to start eating the McDougall diet. I used to eat that way a long time ago and I felt great and I lost substantial weight, for pretty much the only time in my life. So I'm basically going vegan.

First, for lunch, I made Red Lentil loaf, from frugalveggiemama's recipe. Looks pretty doesn't it?!

To moisten it and make it even tastier, I made some mushroom gravy. I used some veggie broth powder I have around the house. I'm getting low on it and I don't remember where I bought it at. I need to mark the container.


I got a bunch of sourdough starters and I am trying one, it's called Carl's 1847 Oregon Trail starter. Yes it's really that old. I made a whole wheat loaf. As expected it took longer to rise and I don't think it will replace my usual whole wheat bread, but it's pretty good. You can taste more of the wheat and just a bit of the sourdough flavor.

Lastly, for my last omni meal, I had grilled chicken breast and Yorkshire pudding, which is a particular favorite of my partner.

So tomorrow I start, eating starch and veggies and fruits and grains. For my health and to lose weight, which I need to do desperately.

Wish me luck!



Johanna3 said...

wishing you the best!!!!! :)

Vivacious Vegan said...

Good Luck with your new diet endeavor. I love McDougal's recipes (it helps if you find the index for the recipes - which is burried somewhere deep within his site). I just made the broccomoli. It was good but I added a lot of cumin, seasoning salt & pepper, and jalapeno (I left out the hot sauce because I didn't have any). I still think it could use a little tinkering but the general idea is great.

Chile said...

Way to go! The recipes are pretty easy to find on his site. Just go to the newsletter archive and click on Recipe Index by Category. Also check out his discussion board for recipes from folks there. (You'll see me pop up there occasionally, too.)