Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yay! Got a job!

Well, it's finally happened. After 2 1/2 years of not working I found a job. And it only took 10 days total.

I posted on craigslist that I wanted a job as a dispatcher. I figured, what the heck, I might get a bite. And I did, from a company affiliated with Trimet, Portland's bus/rail company. I emailed back with my resume and they called me for an interview. That happened last Friday. They said they were very impressed with me and sent me for a drug test. I emailed details of my jobs on Monday and today they called and said I'm hired. I start on May 14th.

I don't know much as far as details yet. I should make as much as my partner makes and maybe even a little bit more. This will double our income. We can pay off our one credit card, get some emergency savings and set some goals. I'm getting a book from my local library about couples and financial goal setting.

We're both excited. It will be nice to not worry quite so much about money, since we'll have some to save.



Johanna3 said...

im very happy for you!

Katie said...

Congratulations Barbara, that's great news!

Vivacious Vegan said...

Congratulations on your new job. If you're interested in financial information, I really like Dave Ramsey. He has a terrific no-nonsense approach and he breaks it down in 6 or so baby steps. Youc an check him out online at and you can check out his books at the library. He also has a seminar called financial peace university which local churches often sponsor. You might want to see if any inyour area are doing this. Good luck to you on your path to freedom!!!