Saturday, April 28, 2007

New places to shop

I've found some good deals at new places recently. One of our Dollar Tree stores added a freezer section. Now the items they have vary a great deal, but for a dollar I've gotten cheese raviolis and potato pierogies. Each package has been enough for a meal for myself and my partner.

Right next door to the Dollar Tree a store called Save-A-Lot recently opened. I checked out their corporate website and they are a 'limited selection' store. They don't have ten different sizes and varieties of diced tomatoes for instance. They also don't carry many brand name foods, but mostly private label. They say these are from major companies, just without the expensive brand name.

They sell canned vegetables for .25 a can. I've tried several varieties and they have all been good. I actually like their tomato sauce and pastes better (less sugar in them). Their shredded cheese is a better value than Wal-Marts. I'v also gotten good deals on hash browns. And they carry a brand of frozen hamburgers, called Holten, which I used to buy when I lived in Arkansas but hadn't found here. They are very tasty and cheap at Save-a-lot.


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Anonymous said...

great finds! im happy for both of you!