Friday, May 26, 2006

Meatless Meatballs

Did a little shopping this morning. Found a couple of nice frozen vegetable blends. One is called fiesta blend and the other a stir fry veggie blend. The fiesta blend has broccoli, carrots and about 5 types of beans.

I also went to Trader Joe's today. I bought some of their meatless meatballs. In the freezer I also have some of Nate's classic flavor meatless meatballs. I am wondering whether Nate's is the source for the TJ meatballs. The ingredient list is exactly the same, as is the wording for the cooking. I'm going to do a taste test later today or tomorrow and see if I can tell any difference.



agnes gooch said...

Barbara, we enjoy the Nate's and T.J's, all varieties. Have you tried the Quorn "meat" balls? They are slightly larger and have a firmer texture. Better for making a meatball sub and they hold up well in a sweet and sour sauce we make. Poke each one with a toothpick and you have a quick vegetarian party snack. But any of the meatball varieties work well. I'm interested to read the results of your meatless meatball taste test.

agnes gooch said...

Ooops, wait. Quorn might not be vegan, sorry. : (