Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Frozen muffins

A while back I had made quinoa muffins. They were pretty good. No way I could eat all of them at the time, so I froze them. Unfroze one today and it wasn't very good. It got hard and not very tasty. I only ate half. I like them because they give you fiber and protein. I'll just eat what I can. Not sure of any way to sort of recycle them.

Made some brown rice yesterday. I like brown rice and canned beans with spices or salsa as a quick meal.


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Katie said...

Hi Barbara,

Did you try toasting the muffins and adding a bit of margarine to rehabilitate them? That's jIm's favorite technique. You could also crumble them up to use as bread crumbs or in a stuffing. Actually, here's a link for make your own stove top stuffing http://www.budget101.com/recipes/id259.htm that someone just posted on one of the lists I belong to. I haven't tried it but it might be a way to use the muffins.