Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I got my Kitchenaid mixer and I love it. I made a loaf of bread. It didn't rise very fast, but the bread came out tasty. I'm going to make another loaf today. Practice makes perfect!

I made another batch of corn and potato chowder. It gets thicker and more veggies each time I make it. I do have to try some new things, so I'm going to try a new recipe a week.

I also need to actually read the Tightwad Gazette I bought, instead of just looking at it sitting on the shelf. :)


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Harmonia said...

Neat about the KitchenAid Mixer...Vegan Momma and I were just talking about how KitchenAid donates Stove Top Ranges and Refrigerators/freezers to Habit For Humanity Homes!!!

Also, I wondered, does your potato and corn chowder have dairy in it? Do you have a vegan version? jw.