Thursday, December 01, 2005


I kept track of our expenses in November. Groceries were higher than I expected. I do have a handle on it and it is getting better. We have Julia's birthday next week and I'm making lasagna, her favorite. No idea what we are doing for Christmas yet. We're not big on presents, so we won't spend much there. We need to hit the thrift store for a couple of work shirts for her and a few storage containers for me, if we can find any.



Katie said...
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Katie said...

Storage containers are one of those things I'm always on the lookout for. We have an upscale foodstore that puts its empty containers in the entryways for people to take them and I always do. It always grosses my kids out because they had things like chopped chicken livers in them.

BTW, we used Spectrum margarine for ages but we stumbled upon Soy Garden by Earth Balance and everyone likes it better. Both are vegan.

Harmonia said...

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Harmonia said...

WHOA. I just realized I started my comment out the same way Katie did...sorry about that. teehee