Monday, September 26, 2005

Potato scramble

I made potato scramble yesterday. It didn't look like much, honestly, but it tasted good. Another thumbs up from my partner. She did ask next time that I have a meat side dish.

I bought some boneless skinless chicken breast the other day on sale. The breasts were huge! So, I sliced them up into approximately 6 ou pieces, which is a recommended serving size. I am trying to get away from supersizing myself by eating large portions.

I'm old enough to remember when going to McDonalds was a treat. I think my mother gave in about once every 2-3 months (yes, months, not days or weeks). We were all satisfied with what is now a small hamburger or cheeseburger (the ones for around a buck), a small fry and a small drink. At some fast food places I've been at lately, you can't even buy a small fry, just medium. Sometimes I buy a kid's meal, because honestly it's at least smaller and a bit healthier.

You can get apple dippers at McDonalds, mandarin orange slices at Wendy's. The plain baked potato at Wendy's is good too, as long as you don't get all the fatty add-ons. I like potatoes with BBQ sauce, or salsa on top. Tasty yet healthy.

Speaking of potatoes, I did find at Safeway 10 pounds of russets for $1.99. Since they are usually .69 a pound, I snapped up a bag. So I do have to eat a lot of potatoes fairly soon.



Katie said...

I should have warned you about the potato scramble, it isn't pretty. You can dress it up a bit by adding a little grated carrot or red pepper for color but it still looks like some sort of glop.

Ruthie and Russell said...


My husband and I buy 10 lbs of potatoes all the time! :) We also live in a tiny apartment. If you store them in a cool, dark place (think outside the kitchen) you can count on losing a lot less of them to mush. I figure even if I lose one or two I'm still saving a ton. Last time I bought them, I stored them somewhere a little not-dark-enough and they all started to turn a little green. I skewered them all and baked them (they took up an entire level of the oven). Then I froze them. Freezing baked potatoes gives them a sort of weird quality as they thaw and they become a little hollow. I've found that they're still delicious added to foods such as Shepherd's Pie, Casseroles, and Potato Scrambles (hash browns-- chop, do not try to grate), but you can't eat them as regular old baked potatoes. :-D Save 6 or so of them in the fridge to eat as baked potatoes and freeze the rest.

I love baked potatoes and eat them often. Here are some ideas for good, healthy toppings:

broccoli and herb cream sauce (herb blend, soy (or not) milk with cornstarch, warmed)

vegan bacon bits (homemade or not) and soy (or not) cheese. I make my own soy cheese and bacon bits using Joanne Stepaniak's recipes

salsa, chopped peppers and onions, sauteed

barbecue sauce or ketchup

leftover or canned chili

scoop out the insides and mash them and replace, then bake again (twice baked potatoes)

leftover bean soup (it gets super thick as it sits)

etc. You can use up those potatoes!! Just be creative :-D