Monday, March 23, 2009


I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I’m still trying to get my medication sorted out. I haven’t really done much with my diet yet. I am moving slowly (as usual!) toward the McDougall lifestyle. I do know I do better, blood pressure and health wise in general when I do that. I’m just stubborn about changing completely over to a full vegan diet. The strange part is I do enjoy the vegan food I make/eat.

I recently made a new dish, got the recipe from It’s called barley casserole and it’s vegan and easily made McDougall friendly. It is just soo good! I love barley and I’m going to try some new barley recipes I found there.



Krista said...

Thanks for the barley link! I'm always looking for new ways to cook me up some barley.

Chile said...

I'm sorry to read you're having to deal with diabetes. However, as some incentive to make the leap into full McDougalling, let me relate my encounter with a diabetic at the McDougalling live-in center. I went a number of years ago for the 10 day program.

This older lady, a diabetic, was really out of it. She seemed spacey, not too bright, and prone to drop off to sleep easily. By the end of the program, after 10 days of eating only McDougall food and getting a bit of exercise each day, she was off her medication and was a whole different person. She was vibrant and mentally alert, and free from the expense of diabetes treatment.

This doesn't mean she was cured. She could easily relapse simply by going back to her old ways of eating, but she was, and many people can, able to manage her disease with diet. I know Dr. McDougall's written a lot about diabetes on his site, so you can find his medically-appropriate suggestions there.

Incidentally, my cholesterol dropped 29 points during that 10 day program and I had not been eating any non-vegan foods other than a daily grande white chocolate mocha...