Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bean soup

Lately I have been addicted to bean soup. Super easy and cheap. For example, yesterday I took a can of black beans from Trader Joes'(79 cents a can). Opened it and poured it in without rinsing into a pot. Added some water, a few squirts of Braggs, some onion and garlic powder and the item that really does it for me, Gourmet Garden cilantro paste. It comes in a tube and you have to keep it refrigerated. I use about two toothpaste head sized pieces of paste and heat all of it up. It just tastes great!

I also will make chips from corn tortillas and put them in the bottom of the bowl before heating the soup. It is all so tasty!



Anonymous said...

sounds very good!

Anonymous said...

I love soups too - where do you find the cilantro paste? Do you have to buy it at a gourmet shop?