Friday, October 19, 2007

Thursday cooking

I was home so I did some cooking on Thursday.

First up is some skillet cornbread, using Ruthie's recipe. It came out fine, but a bit dry for my taste.

Here is it, fresh out of the cast iron skillet:

And here is the first slice:

I also made a new recipe, Potato soup with whole-wheat dumplings. It made a mess of my stove, but it tasted good.

This last one is homemade biscuits. I followed a recipe from Hillbilly Housewife. I did sub Earth balance for shortening. This is the first time my biscuits came out high and fluffy. I was so happy!



Johanna3 said...

Those biscuits looks awesome, i try one time to make some and they where as hard as rocks!!:(

Ruthie said...

Yam! Those biscuits look GREAT! Sorry my cornbread recipe was a bit dry. We usually eat it crumbled in soup or chili... so I never really noticed it being dry or not. :-)