Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Misc Items

I've been using Braggs and I like it. I did notice that I used a little too much yesterday and the taste stayed with me for a few hours. Today I used less and it was fine.

I've been getting harmful ingredients out of the things we eat. High fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrate, trans fats, MSG and so on. We eat whole grain and a lot more fruits and veggies. And, today my partner weighed herself (cause she tried on some shorts and they were way loose) and she had lost about 8 pounds in the last month and a half. Without really trying. YAY!

In a way, her being busy at work and a bit of a procrastinator, helped. I don't buy some foods she might like because I feel that they would be unhealthy for her. I tell her, go ahead, go buy them yourself. And she never gets to the store, so she doesn't eat the bad stuff! You who push the grocery cart, wield real power!! :)



Harmonia said...

Vegan Momma got me into Braggs...I like it, too!

Congrats on the 8-pounds!

Check out my shopping spree!

Katie said...

You who push the grocery cart, wield real power!! :)

This is so true!