Thursday, February 02, 2006

Free is good!

Free is good and frugal right? And being organized is good too. I tended to have papers strewn about my desk, with little bits and pieces written on them. I don't do that anymore.

I found a site called Peanut Butter Wiki. It's free. Now, in case you don't know what a wiki is, it's web pages, which are very easy to edit. You can easily link pages. I use mine for two things. One is writing resources and ideas. The other is for frugal and veggie information. I have pages just for recipes, one that's a listing of meal ideas I've collected from Vegsource and others. Everything is there, and if I need a paper copy of a recipe, for instance, I just print that out. It's easy to setup and like I said, free.

You can keep it private, (which is what I've done) or you can allow selected people to view it and/or edit it. Give them a try, it's easy. They have a tour available as well.



jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Hi, I'm in PDX as well with my own veg*n focused blog. I'm happy to come across yours, as I'm very interested in living cheaper and veg*n, without a doubt.

Harmonia said...

I'll have to check that site out! Thanks!

Hi Jess!

Kali said...

I wondered into your blog viaa websearch. I wanted to let you know of a great free website for your recipes. You can even print out a pdf recipe book at any time. I've used it since 2001 with great results. Check it out -!